3 Ply Hand-Made Adult Face Masks

Color: Burgundy

Product Description

3 Ply Adult Face Masks

High Quality, 3 ply, Washable. 

These masks are High Quality and will last a long time. They are machine washable. The front and back of the masks are constructed with a Polyknit material. The inside of the mask has a pollen soft interface to block out particles and keep a tight shape. An elastic band is sewn into the mask to keep it tight on your face.

Each mask is hand sewn and very comfortable to wear. Available in 8 different colors.

These masks are considered large. *** UPDATE *** We have sold quite a few of these now and we understand that all heads are not created equal. So, if you have any concerns about the sizes, please let us know if you feel the mask should be on the smaller or larger side. These are not churned out in a factory with laser precise measurements, these are hand made and therefore there is a little bit of play on the sizes. This is a good thing, actually, and it could help us better size the masks to your particular need. Feel free to send us a message as soon as you purchase, that way we can try to go a bit smaller or larger. Important, though, that you send that message right away as we prep the order and pack it right away.

We are family run and do care about every purchase. Please understand that every mask and every face are not exact. Let us know if you have any issues with the masks and we will take care of it.

No returns due to sanitary conditions. Advisable to launder these masks prior to use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Repeat Customer

Love these face masks! I have purchased both kids and adults sizes. They fit well. Nice fabric. Wash well too. These are by far my favorite face masks that I have purchased!

Great coverage, comfortable

I love this item!!! I'm buying more! I feel protected

Perfect Mask

I bought 2 of these mask for me and my husband and very comfortable to breathe in. Very light weight and affordable.

Very comfortable

We are very satisfied with our purchase. It is what we have been looking for...light weight, good fit, protective and price was reasonable.

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